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Dixie Printing Company, Inc.
3280 Humphries Hill Road
Austell, GA 30136

Phone: 678.945.9800
Fax: 678.945.9801

Contact us by e-mail at

To upload files to us:

If your files are too large to e-mail, you may send them to us via our ftp account. Instructions for use are below.

Open Windows Explorer. In the address line, type in the address bar. When prompted for the login information, use the following:


Password:  upload

From  here, open another window in Windows Explorer, locate your files to upload, then drag the files into the Dixie Printing ftp window. When the upload is complete, simply close the window to end the upload session.

Be sure to let us know via e-mail that you have uploaded files and what the file names are. Ideally, locate all your files in one folder or zip file and drag the folder or zip file to upload to keep all components of your job together.